Since I was little I always loved music and at 8 y.o. I started playing the piano. I studied classical music for four years but I refused to go to the Academy, I felt that music would remain a hobby for me even even if it continued to occupy a large part into my heart.
So I continued to study by mymself and i started to compose my own songs.
I've never written a score for any song, I always relied on my memory.
Over the years the compositions have grown and so I decided to record them. Poor recordings made ​​with the computer
simplyt to avoid the risk to forget them.

Meanwhile I had discovered photography and I was fully captured by until I reach the consciousness that my true vocationand and my future work were born .

The moment I found a way to combine photography with my music was when I began to use film.
Finding in my hands a kind of image as raw and original, with no digital refinements made ​​me think: was exactly like my homemade recordings.

Independent art completely authentic!
So I found the link.
My pictures and my music as well as simple were a perfect combination.

Here are some of the songs, enjoy it!

1. Grain